sexta-feira, 9 de maio de 2008

REITORIA DA UP: conferência "Collecting The New"

A Professora Susan Pearce (Universidade de Leicester), de visita à Universidade do Porto, profrirá na próxima segunda-feira, dia 12 de Maio, pelas 18h00, no Salão nobre da Reitoria da UP uma conferência intitulada "Collecting the New". O sinopse da apresentação é a seguinte:
The kind of collecting often called 'extreme' is a subject now much on the minds of museum workers. Extreme collecting includes much old material collected outside Europe in a range of intellectual regimes, war material, and 'difficult' art. I wish to concentrate on the aspect of it which focuses on collections, like those of egg cups or football programmes which are of great importance to individuals, but have little or no 'value' in traditional terms.
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